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I just saw Darren Wilson’s new film, Father of Lights. This is the best yet. This is more than a life changer. It could become a world changer.”
– Bill Johnson, Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
“You can’t watch this movie without your heart and your spirit being stirred up for more.”
– Kim Walker-Smith, Worship Leader, Jesus Culture
“A deeply moving, wonderfully crafted film. Darren Wilson is telling stories that need to be heard. Highly recommended!”
– Phil Vischer, Creator of VeggieTales
“Father of Lights is the most powerful film I’ve seen this year. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘where is God?’, watch this movie and you’ll see he is everywhere!”
– Randy Clark, Global Awakening
“There is a hunger for God in the soul of man that desires to encounter the living God. Often this desire is met with programs, formulas, and an effort from the flesh to reveal Jesus Christ to a broken world. Father of Lights allows you to encounter the Living God and taste and see that The Lord is good.”
– Kenyon Coleman, Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys
I would encourage you with all my heart to see the film Father of Lights by Darren Wilson. It’s not just another movie. It is a life changing experience leading to fulfillment that can only be propelled by the love of God. This film contains the power to change your perception of God Himself!
– Dennis Reanier, Revival Cry Ministries
“I still get chills thinking about certain images and people from Father of Lights. Perhaps more profound, though, is that I can’t shake those “God moments” Darren Wilson so poignantly captured on film that reflect the extent our Father goes to love His children—especially those who don’t yet know Him. This isn’t just a memorable documentary; it’s the Gospel spoken through scenes that grip the heart.”
– Marcus Yoars, Editor-in-Chief, Charisma Magazine

  • Barbara

    Just want to say that my husband and I saw it on tour in Cincinnati OH and were deeply touched by it.  Powerful film!  Thanks so much!

  • Dayle

    If you want to see a beautiful & loving display of God’s love and power for His children around the world, I highly recommend this movie. God is working today on behalf of all his kids!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cr8iveworship Eniola Abioye

    Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but I got ruined for normality. My fire for ALL People was sparked. Nothing is impossible. ANYONE can be saved and GOD wants all in His Kingdom. His Love is the Power that can defeat EVERYTHING.. I am just blown by Jesus and I want more!!!!!!!

  • Shawna Gleason

    I and 13 others from our fellowship rented a large van and drove 2-1/2 hours from Wisconsin to the Chicago (Hoffman Estates) tour stop. We prophesied over ourselves that we would be encountering His amazing Presence, and that He would do a powerful work in each of us, according to our need/ desire.
    The worship was awesome, even without Kim’s soulful voice on stage. I even noticed a few in our group abandon their chains of “proper behavior” and truly worship Him… One even singing in tongues!
    The film was mind-blowing!!! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! I personally cried the hardest at Mike and his wife’s story of their move to China. Those beautiful unwanted children… I was sobbing convulsively! Truly outlandish display of His love!!!
    My favorite part, of course, was the revealing of how “the impossible” was worked out! Our Father is SO beyond mere human words… I’d have liked to have jumped right out of my skin, I was sooo blown away! Darren have given little hints this summer at the Holy Spirit Renewal Conference in Green Lake during his workshop. But I truly did not expect the outcome to be so indescribable. PRAISE JESUS!!!

    • Guest

      Wow! Sounds like an amazing movie. I am going to attend a showing of the movie next Tueday in Toronto, Canada. So excited!!!!! I know the Lord will do great things in the lives of the people who witness such a movie. And we in turn can spead the joy of him to others. I can feel it will be great.

  • Renamednozibele

    I have now seen this documentary style film Father of Lights multiple times.  I bought the DVD online for UK delivery within 72 hours of it’s Premiere at Bethel Church, Redding, California and SO glad I did!  It has inspired me to press into God for all His fullness of life.  I didn’t realise that my walk with God was pretty mundane…no longer will this be the case…I want to develop an intimate relationship with the Living God.  I have shown the movie to my small group from my church (we meet weekly in someone’s home for group discussions, bible study, prayer and fellowship) and now, by word of mouth recommendation, I have lots of people asking me if they can please borrow my copy of the DVD or how they can buy their own copy which will become available for international purchase 16th October 2013.  My hope and prayer is that this movie will impact more people’s personal relationships with God.  Yes, it’s awesome when we hear testimonies of people coming to faith, but what about the existing Christians?  I always thought my relationship with God was good, but now I realise I was only touching the surface of what is freely available!

  • Jasmine_Avitia

    Hi! My name is Jasmine Avitia and I want to thank the director of this film and the staff and everyone who was involved in the making. Not only was I saved last night, but my doctor called me and said that for the first time in my life, after 18 years, my Crohn’s is completely healed. And there is no way to explain it. And I’m also stopping chemotherapy. Praise God and His miracles!

    • Edwardo Hum


    • Marc Romero

      Praise be to the Lord Jesus!

  • Lovefromtiffyjoy

     I have never shared the fact that I was doing this or that the Lord told me to do this because I thought I was crazy. But anyway so yesterday I went to see the Father of Lights movie which you must see.. and to worship at my church with Jesus Culture.  And my jaw just dropped as I saw the face on the screen because I knew the face. It was the face of the most power Chicago gang leader. I had only ever seen his car and his face through the window but I knew who he was. When I was in the inner city I asked the Lord where the strong hold was where revival in the city was going to start, where violence was going to decrease from and he said the leader of the vice lords. So day in and day out for the past five years i have prayed for this guy and the influence he has on so many. But most importantly that he would find the true love he was longing for. I had forgotten I did this until I saw his face on the movie screen and all I could do was cry because right before my eyes he gave his life to the Lord and many of the other leaders did as well. And as he did the Lord said you played a role in that salvation you planted a seed all because you took the time to pray and feel the heart I had for him. You can do inner city and missionary work just by praying and it’s what your called to. And this is the last string of pain and lies that mission year has on you…and you are free because this is the truth. You did what I asked and that’s all that matters…this guys life and all the others he has influence over are about to change because of your faithfulness.

    • Liz

      Oh, God is so good. Funny to read this because I just prayed for my city in Germany today. I prayed against criminality. Now I know it was right. Thanks for encouraging me.

    • Marc Romero

      Thank you for sharing! GOD is so Good!

  • Chris

    Amazing movie.  Our son (20), not wanting to build earthly treasures, cashed in the 401k I had established for him as a high school graduation present.  He donated a large portion of that to the making of this film.  Due to that he received an advanced copy and has shared it with many people so far.  He has also seen Todd White in Ohio and is working on getting them to have a Power and Love Conference here in Madison.  When he first cashed in his 401k I was upset with him.  I now see that it was money well spent.  I will be purchasing multiple copies and giving them away.

  • Michelle

    I just want to thank you for hosting a Father of Lights showing at the Paradise theater. The worship with Jake Hamilton was amazing and it was such a blessing to see all of the healing done after the movie. Thank you for your obedience to our Daddy and blessing all of us. It is so inspiring to see what God is doing and will do if we are just obedient to Him. I know my family will never be the same after that night. My 12 year old daughter was touched in a way that I can’t even describe. Her dad was hit by a car earlier this year and has stopped keeping in contact with her. Thankfully we have a heavenly Daddy that will take his place and my husband loves her as his own. But she felt His presence that night like never before. Now I see her lay hands on people and pray for them. She walks with a confidence and in his authority. She knows who she is. We came with a group of about 25 people and I know each and every person had an encounter with their Father. I can’t begin to tell you how we have all grown since that night. Thank you just doesn’t cover it.

  • Chris Siemens

    I was at the showing in Vancouver, Canada a few nights ago and the worship time, the movie and the testimonies left me feeling totally melted by God and my eyes were opened wide (again!) to the true reality of our existance: how much our Creator and Father loves us, a love that is what you have been always longing to receive, a love that puts your whole heart at peace and is so satisfying that the only thing that makes sense is to love other people with what you have received. yes!!!! 

  • ServantofJesus16

    WOWWWW amazing testimony to prayer and the God’s heart. When she shows up in power people cant deny whats real and true. Lets be radical about his love and see what he wants to get done every day. Pastor of my church just said that he has a feeling many gang leaders are going to turn to Christ and lead a powerful move of God. Holy Spirits up to something lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001717405754 Derek Short

    My wife and I (Pennsylvania), watched Father of Lights last night.  WOW!  The goodness of the Father, His Love, His Mercy never gets old!  We received an impartation from the Holy Spirit as He spoke wonderful new revelation to us and we had our eyes open to see the fields ripe for the harvest!  We are changed.

    Blessings on you, Darren and your team!  We thank the Lord for you!

  • Fordandrew Ky

    My father has been suffering from a heart condition for roughly 20 years. Up until this summer it had been controlled through medication, but the heart function had dropped 10% in the past year.  The doctor had given us 3 options and none of them were easy decisions.  I had discovered the films “Finger of God” and “Furious Love” during this tough time of thought process and decision making.  I found out that the newest film “Father of Lights” was being shown in Nashville, Tn at Rocketown and decided I had to go and see it.  All my friends back out but I went anyways and WOW what an awesome time of worship!! I drove home and had my parents watch the film that night.  These three films strengthened my faith and I knew anything was possible.  My dad went to the doctor a week ago and well his heart function is normal and he needs no surgery!!  Thank God for allowing these films to be placed in my family’s path as we went through difficult times!!

  • Kyle4hire

    I watched Father of Lights 6 times and in the past month, God has revealed himself to me over and over again thru people I encounter daily. The opportunities to pray with people has exploded in my life. I am blessed to have seen and shared this DVD with anyone that is willing to watch. I now understand His love better and how to better love those I meet. Love this film. This is going to change the world. It’s changed mine already. Thanks so much. Gotta go love people…..bye

    Kyle VanderStel
    Hudsonville, Michigan

  • Donna Blauw

    I saw Father of Lights at Sunrise in Everett, WA.  To see how God orchestrated so many different divine appointments was life changing.  It was a real blessing and encouragement.  I really like the part about the Sikh priest and how God brought the two men together through dreams.  Obedience is definitely very important!  Thank you for being obedient tot he call to put this together.  I pray many lives will be changed and come to know This miracle working God that loves them.

  • Andy Falstad

    I saw the premier a couple weeks ago in St.Paul and got the deluxe version of the film. I love the film and the message it carries and have been showing it in homes to friends. Today after a showing, ( I always add the clip about George Barna’s wife and the tooth miracle because I love it)  well, I discovered I had a silver molar that wasn’t there last night.So what am I supposed to do now? And silver no less, never heard of that. This will be fun to share with my friends and those I share the movies with. God is surprisingly awesome and extravagant in His love for us.

  • Jordan Carter

    The Holy Spirit is present with this film. In so many different scenes, the brokeness of our human condition is captured in a way that is moving. But more importantly the overpowering gravitas of Gods love can be seen healing, restoring, and reconciling the broken with a loving embrace. This film will truly the lives of many!

  • Anglofmrcy4u

    I played the Father of Lights DVD and the Finger of God DVD at our church for the Launch group (youth ages 18-25). They were so inspired by them that we left the church and went out and layed hands on people for hours that night. Many people were touched by the love of God. I have seen a significant change in the Launch group. They are fired up for God and these movies has opened up their eyes to their true purpose in God. They hosted a worship night at church that was powerful!!! These movies are such a blessing! Thank you!  

  • Alyssa Adkins

    I am an absolute fan of Father of Lights, as well as Finger of God and Furious love! My husband and I had a watch party and invited friends over to watch it with us! It is so moving and inspiring and now I am starting to get more involved in my community while listening for direction from God. Since watching these films, I have opened myself up to God’s love and I have heard him clearly. Just yesterday as I was walking home from fun at the park with my husband and daughter…I looked around at all of the houses in our neighborhood, and i realized there was so much i could be doing even on my own street. It was so neat how in Father of Lights the people living in Jerusalem seemed to know eachother well and be close to their neighbors. I don’t even know any of my neighbors and I have been living in this house for over a year! All this being said, I heard God speak to me as I was walking, and he said to me Love your neighbors, as I have loved you! So, now I am on a quest of loving and making new friendships! I ask for prayers and support since I have never done this kind of stuff before…sharing my love with complete strangers! But I am ever so excited to please my God! Thank you Darren Wilson and the Wanderlust Productions team for spreading God’s word so that I may encounter God’s love and experiences in my very own living room!

    I made something to spread the word to others through my shop on Etsy. Its a treasury list honoring and inspired by Father of Lights! Hope you enjoy it!




  • Jim

    The film touched my heart so wonderfully and liberated me.  I have been a believer the over 20 years and love God with all my heart but committed a sin as a believer and since struggled with condemation as I battled with the thought if there was any forgiveness of sin once you became a believer.  The DVD revealed Gods heart and put a dance in my step as I felt hope again and I could aggressively seek God with confidence.

    Jim (NZ)

  • Chelleguez88

    I have been saved for a year now. However towards the end of this movie I felt god let me know he loves me and one of my friends confirmed he loves me with tears in their eyes.  He let me know I am his child.

  • Tracy

    Dear Wanderlust Team:
    Words cannot begin to express how your films have touched my life and lit my faith on fire. I was already on fire, but my goodness now I am engulfed. I learned of your firm while watching one of Todd White’s teachings on YouTube…I have purchased Furious Love and was excited to download Father of Lights. Your hearts are amazing – because of your hearts for Abba, my family is going to get to see these films which they would not have sought out themselves. Thanksgiving is going to be blessed when I travel home to visit with my laptop in-hand, loaded with these two annointed films. I love you guys. God bless you all and please do not stop making these beautiful films about the love of Jesus!!!
    PS – the part where the healed gentleman in yellow turns out to be the guy to get you into the Dome? Well, that rocked my heart inside out and I wept from the depths of my soul at how beautiful our Father is. I will never forget that moment:)

  • Joshua and Chelsea Shaw

    Who is the Father? What is He like? What does He care about? This is a film that digs into the very heart of God and leaves the viewer changed. My wife and I had extreemly high expectations for this film since the Lord used Finger of God, and Furious Love to launch us into supernatural ministry founded on His love. We drove down to Bethel for the first showing of Father of Lights for our 5 year aniversary and the experience of seeing the film and having thousands of people stand shouting praises to the Lord at each if the God moments was beath-taking. We got more than we expected. I see the Lord using Father of Lights to set the record straight about Himself and bring people into an intimate relationship with Himself.

  • Hamish McAllum

    I loved the movie, but was even more impacted by the accompanying dvd which discussed the theology of the movie.  For many years of my Christian walk I have drawn comfort in that I did not feel as sinful as other Christians, or took comfort that my doctrine was superior and more watertight than others.  I did not always walk in mercy and was quick to judge ….that was until God showed the truth….that I was filled with terrible lust, arrogrance, pride, self righteous and deception…Every kind of evil was in me!! It brought me to my knees…and yet God then showed me his love and kindess…I deserved to die and yet he loved me. How this movie and the accompanied discs, were so profound, so beautiful, so GOD!! It reminded me of this experience/revelation which I had in some areas forgotten.   It reinforces the stirring in my heart to love every person I meet unconditionally as this has how God has dealt with me, even in my depravity and deception as a believer in Christ. And of all the many sins I have committed – the one that was by far the greatest hindrance to God was my pride! Thank you for this movie….it give such hope.
    Hamish – Christchurch

  • kkchandler

    Sat down with my family, just last night and watched this. Wow,wow,wow,wow… I am stirred up, awakened and excited. We were all captivated by the truth and glory of “Daddy’ at work.
    Definitely not a “documentary” but rather an eye opening, riveting, joyous, experience that, get this; is the TRUTH!!  Best thing I’ve laid eyes on in a long while. All Christians need to see this and awaken.. self included. God is Good!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001092923814 Jake Evans

    i have watched all finger and furious and just watched father of lights film and i have to say that i loved it alot because its all down to earth if you know what i mean. i am looking forward to buying the delux 11 hour one just because its so interesting.

  • Benjamin_Oldfield

    Hi I ordered your deluxe version, I live in Montreal, Cananda. Even when I opened up the package after taking it out of the letter box I got flooded with God’s presence, lol. Then I turned it on and the music is awesome, I’m happy it has music that is anointed like that, that is something so cool, and I’d like to encourage Matthew Bilen. So happy about that music. Then I started watching the movie, I love many parts of the movie, I love Mike & Deena, wonderful people, watching their story makes me laugh and cry, at once, in celebration that such love exists in this world. And the impossible ending made me laugh and go Yay! that God is just that good! And that God has a sense of humour, and that makes me very happy. I was very blessed by this movie. I needed to be reminded that God is just that good, He’s funny, big, and  loving. And His presence satisfies me.

  • http://twitter.com/MayBoy86 Kenny May

    God is so present in this film, and the evidence of His work seems so distant…because it’s so Biblical.  Today, my view of God has changed and I love where He has me right now.  Praise you Jesus, your Name will be made known.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WRPCEWNCY3YBGVOQSPU4FWXUWA Henry

    Thank you to all your team for the movies. My heart is so stirred; words are inadequate to describe how moved I am. First of all, what a great documentation of the power of God throughout the world! Secondly, my faith without action is dead. I am challenged to grow and seek His will for the direction in my life. Lastly, my heart faints even yearns for the presence of God. How I worship Jesus, the lover of my soul! These movies intensify my worship of Jesus!

  • http://twitter.com/MjipoSA George

    I just watched Father of Lights by Darren Wilson at His People church Johannesburg, wow what a film if you do not believe in God i suggest that you watch it and be changed for life. I saw so many people give their lives to Jesus after this film and it was a breathtaking experience, this film is awesome. You cannot watch this film and not be touched in some way.


  • Samuel Entwistle

    We have shown and shared your films to the people that we mentor and it has placed fire within their hearts for greater things of God. Here’s just one testimony: we showed one of our friends ‘Father of Lights’ and the next morning God told her to run around a park she had never ran around before. Then while on the run, God told her to knock on the car window of this lady’s parked car and tell her that everything was going to be alright. The lady burst into tears and was very thankful, our friend got to pray with her and gave her a Joyce Meyer book that she had in her car! How awesome is that! We started calling her ‘Ravina’ after that as a joke because it reminded us of Ravi. Praise God!! You are using Media for the glory of His Name!!!

  • Mark Morrison

    Father of Lights rocked my world. Actually, all three of Darren Wilson’s movies rocked me, but the culmination was Father of Lights. My whole family loved it. Through the movie we were introduced to Todd White. My whole family listen to Todd all the time and the Holy Spirit has changed us. He speaks such truth in plain easy to understand language, “just being real”. Just this week at a school function, my 10 year old son, all on his own, walked up to a lady he does not know, who is in a wheel chair, and prayed for her legs to be healed and for her to be able to walk! She broke down crying saying for such a young child to have the faith and courage to pray for her wrecked her. She immediately found my wife and the two of them broke down crying. She was not immediately healed, but I guarantee you, she has been changed! This movie was the start of an awesome journey my family is on. I have bought many copies and pass them out to anyone who is open to watching it! The people who are filmed in this movie are just normal people who are dying to self and allowing the Holy Ghost to move through them to change the world!! Absolutely awesome!

  • Bryan Simmons

    Somebody posted Father of Lights on the internet and gave it a glowing review. It’s rare that hackers will speak well of a film about God, so I watched it. Having had a back ground in church, I was wary. I mean, I know what was preached to me as a child and then I knew what my heart told me God *should* be like. Father of Lights revealed to me that my heart was right! The Holy Spirit came upon me in Love and in Power during the last scene of the movie. I cried for the first time in over 5 years. I felt completely loved and completely safe. Thank you to all involved in Father of Lights. You introduced me to my Father!

  • Marc Romero

    I just cannot stop thinking about the goodness of our God. I have been touched deeply and changed forever!


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